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Goat Dairy


Our goat dairy, contributes to our “Farm-To-Table” experience with the production of chèvre – goat cheese - with milk from our dairy goats. Our quality cheese is used by several chefs in hotels and restaurants around the island.

The brainchild of Christine Curry, the goat dairy was established as a non-profit – The Grenada Goat Dairy Project - through its founding partner, The Grenada Project with support from Belmont Estate. The goal of the project was to support and empower the local farmers of Grenada by providing a living example and training facility for quality goat dairy farming and production.

The dairy was absorbed into Belmont Estate’s farm and production operations following the return of Ms Curry to the United States.

Currently the dairy produces four types of cheese – plain, garlic and chives, Italian, cracked pepper - and a chocolate delight comprising Belmont Estate’s chocolate and goat cheese.

Our goat house is an essential stop for our school tours. Students have the opportunity to learn about the care of goats as well as participate in activities like feeding the adult goats with fodder and the babies with milk.